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Hebrew Resources for an Awakened Nation

It is becoming paramount to have a repository of resources for study and research as the original Abarayam Yasharaalayam (Hebrew Israelites) begin to awaken to who they truly are. The Hebrew Resources website is a collaborative effort to provide our people with access to referrals to study materials for reading and watching. Also, to connect our people to businesses, schools, and communities that are created by Hebrews for the use of Hebrews.

Hebrew Resources

Building Our Own Nation and Economy

Our Collaborators

World Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WAIE) Logo

World Academy for
Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Institute for Hebrew Culture at the World Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WAIE) is a leader in the research of the true culture and history of the Hebrew people. They provide professional development opportunities to staff, faculty, and community partners of WAIE. Also, they are the lead resource for the Hebrew Culture curriculum for young scholars at the school.

The Hebrew Nations Logo

The Hebrew Nations

The Hebrew Nations is a partnership between WAIE, Bayath Duron LLC, and the Hebrew community (that keeps the commandments) who wish to join the movement. They are leading a charge to build a true Hebrew economy where we collectively support Hebrew-owned businesses, purchase land and real estate together, create our own jobs, develop our own currency, and much more to support our fellow Hebrews.
Bayath Duron LLC

Bayath Duron LLC

Bayath Duron LLC is a Hebrew-owned/Black-owned family business that provides executive advising and consulting services to for-profit and nonprofit businesses in operations, marketing, event management, grants, and data management. As part of their goal to help build a Hebrew Israelite economy they are a founding sponsor and supporter of the World Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and The Hebrew Nations.