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November 1, 2020

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Book of Jubilees: The Torah Calendar Description

Rose Book of Bible Charts

(With Black & White Maps. Other version has color maps.)

Explore the Book of Jubilees like never before with Maps of Noah’s Division of the Earth, the Ark Landing, Garden of Eden Location, and the true division of the entire Earth. We can all finally understand Biblical geography rather than sketchy guessing based on etymologies of different unrelated languages. The true scientific measure.

Discover whether Jubilee is scripture, inspired, and canon not according to those never granted such authority to choose as Pharisees and the Catholic Church was never granted such authority to overrule the Aaronic Temple Levite Priests who lived and operated in Qumran. We will vet whether this group was truly what they say and they certainly were not Essenes which is outright fraud on the part of scholars of willing ignorance just as 2 Peter 3 warns.

It is time for all of us to test this book and make such determination as the evidence has been right there all along. You can know the truth and may you find it. This work The Book of Jubilees: The Torah Calendar is based on the R.H. Charles translation with many edits to margin notes, maps, and visuals, and much commentary copyrighted by Author, Timothy Schwab.

Library of Congress Registration Number: TXu 2-223-156. The translation itself has not been edited but reformatted to a 2 column Bible-type format. This Large Print version will allow one to experience and test the Book of Jubilees with scripture and they offer the history as well to prove its track for at least 2000 years. The question will remain how can this be ignored by the church today?

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