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December 28, 2020

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Truth About End-Times Description

Rose Book of Bible Charts

In this book, you will discover that the world has been deceived about what the end of times and the times’ consummation means. Despite the predictions of John’s Revelations that show a tribulation that will last for seven years with Christians being removed or raptured to avoid these things, the prophecies of the true Hebrew Prophets show otherwise.

YAHUAH said to Ezra that Israel would remain in the plagues or tribulation, and they have. However, Revelation accounts have made the plagues a prerequisite for HAMASHIACH’s coming, and they are, but not the way it is expected in Revelation’s book.

The plagues were prophesied to come on the world at the end of earth’s history, which began when Israel was in Babylon’s captivity and the beginning of the end of Israel’s world. The research proves that the plagues prophesied to come on Israel and the rest of the earth through the Babylonian nations did occur and are still being experienced today.

There is no one Apocalyptic event that is prophesied to bring HAMASHIACH. However, Edom-Rome, the fourth beast power of Babylon, has misled the world into believing this lie. They would rule for the longest time on the earth and would impact Israel and the world with the greatest destruction via these plagues. Once the age of Edom-Rome comes to an end, the reign of Jacob-Israel, the Israelites will begin, and their rulership will last for eternity.

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