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December 12, 2018

Lost Tribes of Israel Part 6g Description

Lost Tribes of Israel Part 6g

Now that we have thoroughly tested the curses of Israel for breaking the covenant with Yahuah, it’s time to take this to the next logical progression. All 3 of the Lost Tribe Areas identified in scripture match 100% of these curses but what they don’t do is match the migrations of the Pharisees. So, what about the curses? Do Jews fit the curses as well? And if they don’t is this yet another proof they are a match for Gog’s allies and the Synagogue of Satan? Let’s test this and see.

Now for our conclusion of testing the curses. We have 2 Strikes in testing the Jews yet not 1 in testing the 3 Lost Tribes Areas identified by scripture which are not a fit for Pharisee migrations in any sense. Will this be strike 3?

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